How will I receive my fasting plan? How will I receive my fasting plan?

How will I receive my fasting plan?

After the purchase, you will get a fasting plan in a DIGITAL FORM.

You can access your plan online from your computer or phone. How to have your fasting plan always on your phone home screen, read HERE

We do not send any physical weight loss plans to your email, so that they don't ever get lost in the incoming stream of different emails.

From now on your fasting plan will be available in your own fasting profile! That way your plan is always available online and we can monitor your progress. Log in here every day to update your weight, check meal plan and consult with your nutritionists:

If you have any questions - just send us a request "I need more information" or you will find chat in your profile here:


This is how your online fasting plan looks! Delicious!:


And this is how your delicious fasting meal recipes looks! Mmmmm! Enjoy!:


For additional Nutritional value and many more tricks and tips how to get rid of unnecessary extra pounds, choose our Premium plan!

Just login in your account, if you already brought your fasting plan, and choose the Premium plan!

If you HAVE NOT PAID FOR THE FASTING PLAN YET, come to our website and we will tell you about fasting and get you started with a Fasting plan!