What if my minor child has purchased the program? What if my minor child has purchased the program?

What if my minor child has purchased the program?

According to General Terms and Conditions

4.6. The Client furthermore agrees that:

4.6.1 he/she shall not access Services (including for purchasing Goods) if he/she is under the age of 18;

4.6.2 The Client will deny access of Services to children under the age of 18. The Client accepts full responsibility for any unauthorised use of the Services by minors.


What happens if someone buys something with your credit card?

If someone takes your credit card and uses it without permission, it doesn't matter whether they're family, a friend or a complete stranger - that's fraud!

Credit card companies define ‘unauthorized charges’ as charges made after your card has been lost or stolen, meaning that if your kids make purchases on your card without your knowledge, you are still liable for the charges.

Once you give your kid a credit card and you’re the primary account holder, you’ll be responsible for all charges they make, even if you didn’t directly approve each purchase. That’s because you technically gave authorization for any charges when you gave them a card.

You should set guidelines on authorized card use and educate your child about credit cards in order to safeguard from unapproved purchases!

The law for consumer rights with credit card disputes, known as the Fair Credit Billing Act, states that consumers must make a good-faith effort to handle purchase problems with the merchant before filing a dispute.


What happens if you falsely dispute a charge?

Depending on the circumstances, the sentence for someone convicted of fraud can include prison time. Merchants can take customers to court over fraudulent chargebacks, and many jurisdictions will pursue criminal charges for chargeback-related fraud.