How does the fasting timer work? How does the fasting timer work?

How does the fasting timer work?

In your profile's main page you can see the Fasting timer. This tool will make it easy to follow your chosen fasting regime.

⏱️ When you click Start Fasting make sure you have eaten the last meal right before.
⏱️ As soon as you begin the cycle, you will be able to follow how your fast is going and what fasting phase you have reached.
⏱️ When you have finished your fast and are ready to have the first meal, click End Fast and your eating window will begin.
⏱️ Now you will see how much time you have left to enjoy the meals we have prepared for you!
Do you want to change your fasting cycle? No problem! 
To change your fasting cycle:
1. Open your profile and press start fasting
2. Click on the timer icon:
3. Now at the bottom of the page you can see the edit option:
4. Select the cycle that suits you the best and press change cycle: