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Extract from the "General Terms and Conditions" 

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(d) Offer 

shall mean the offer to enter into this Agreement and offer of relevant Services and/or Goods provided by Company to the Client through the Website or Mobile app. 


(f) Services

shall mean the Digital content provided by the Company to the Client as well as the accessibility to the Website or Mobile app, including information, text, images offered or provided there.

(g) Digital content

shall mean individual digital meal plans and/or other digital content sold from time to time online by the Company as well as the accessibility to the Digital content, including information, text, images offered or provided there.

(h) Goods

shall mean supplements and/or other products in physical form sold online by the Company.


(l) Participation fee 

shall mean a fee for the individual digital meal plan. The Participation fee depends on the Offer chosen by the Client, which can be a one-time payment or a subscription fee.


Submission of the Offer

3.1. The Company will provide the Client with a possibility of receiving an Offer.

3.2. The Client may be asked to provide certain information before receiving the Offer by choosing provided options or typing requested details. The Client is obliged to provide current, and comprehensive information that is requested to be provided.

3.3. The Client will be provided with an Offer (including by submitting the information specified in Clause 3.2. of these Terms) which will include information on the following: 

3.3.1. payment amount for the relevant Services and/or Goods;

3.3.2. payment options: via credit card or other allowable payment form;

3.3.3. other information Company finds important to include in the Offer.


Distance contract


4.2. As the Client will accept the Offer electronically, the Company will immediately provide the respective Service, Digital Content or Goods as stated in the Offer.




5.1. During the period of validity indicated in the Offer, the company retains the rights to change the price for the Services and/or Goods.

5.2. The Client agrees to:

5.2.1. pay all additional costs, fees, charges, applicable taxes and other charges that can be incurred by the Client;

5.2.2. purchase Services and/or Goods by using valid credit card or other allowed form of payment;

5.2.3. provide the Company current and complete information as detailed in the purchase order form. If Company discovers or believes that any information provided by Client is inaccurate or incomplete, Company reserves the right to refuse to confirm Client's payment at their sole discretion and Client forfeits any right to refund paid amount.

5.2.4. for the sake of convenience in making purchases of Services in the future, Client authorises Company to charge Client, with the option to authorise payments without re-entering the card data, for the payment amount accepted by the Client as indicated in paragraph 3.3. and 3.4.

5.3. After the Client is transferred to the third party payment services, the risk of loss or damages will pass on the Client and/or third party service. The Client’s online credit or debit card payments to the Company will be handled and processed by a third party payment service provider and none of the sensitive data in relation to your payment will be stored on or used by the Company. The Company shall not be liable for any payment issues or other disputes that arise due to the third party payment services. The Company may change the third party payment service provider from time to time.

The Company works with multiple payment service providers, including but not limited to: Stripe Inc. PayHealth Inc., Adyen NV, PayPal Holdings, Inc.

5.4. All prices and costs are in a currency as indicated on the specific Website.

5.5. All Goods remain Company’s property until full payment is made. The price applicable is that set at the date on which you place your order. Shipping costs and payment fees are recognised before confirming the purchase. If you are under 18 years old you must have parents’ permission to buy from the Company.

5.6. All transfers conducted through the Company are handled and transacted through third party dedicated gateways to guarantee your protection. Card information is not stored and all card information is handled over SSL encryption. Please read the Terms & Conditions for the payment gateway chosen for the transaction as they are responsible for the transactions made.

5.7. For a refund or a complaint, please contact our customer support at online SUPPORT HELP DESK.

5.8. In order to ensure that Client does not experience an interruption or loss of Services, the Services are offered on automatic renewal. 

5.8.1. Except for reasons described below in this section, AUTOMATIC RENEWAL AUTOMATICALLY RENEWS THE APPLICABLE SERVICE UPON EXPIRATION OF THE CURRENT TERM FOR A RENEWAL PERIOD EQUAL IN TIME TO THE MOST RECENT SERVICE PERIOD. For example, if a Client's last service period is for one year, the renewal period will typically be for one year. 

5.8.2. Unless Client cancels the subscription, Company will automatically renew the applicable service when it comes up for renewal.

5.8.3. The Company may change the subscription plans and the price of the Services from time to time. Renewals might be charged at Company’s then current rates, which Client acknowledges and agrees may be higher (for which the Client will be informed beforehand) or lower than the rates for the original service period. In case of unsettled payment, the Service provider has the right to charge a late payment penalty fee in the amount of one monthly subscription payment. The Company may charge the price of the Service in multiple instalments in case the full charge is unsuccessful.

5.8.4. IF CLIENT DOES NOT WISH FOR SERVICE TO AUTOMATICALLY RENEW, he/she has to cancel himself/herself the subscription at least 48 hours before the end of current period, in which case, the Services will be terminated upon expiration of the then current term, unless he manually renews the Services prior to that date. Subscription fees are not refundable.

5.8.5. If Client has purchased the subscription on Companies website, Client will not be able to control it through the Apple App Store or Google Play. Instead, if Client doesn't wish for Service to automatically renew, he/she has to cancel the subscription himself/herself by logging in to the Users Account on Companies website or must contact our customer support at online SUPPORT HELP DESK and follow the instructions in the "Manage my subscription” section.

5.8.6. If Client has purchased the subscription through the Apple App Store or Google Play, the Client might cancel the subscription only through his Apple or Google Account. Client understands that deleting the app does not cancel the subscriptions.

5.8.7. The total price of the Services/Goods, including VAT (if applicable) , and all additional freight, delivery or postal charges and, where applicable, other costs are visible during the ordering process on the Website. The manner in which the price is to be calculated is also visible during the ordering process on the Website.

5.8.8. In case of a Subscription, the total price includes the total costs for the chosen frequency billing period.

Refund and Return Policy

6.1. Under the applicable legal acts, the Client has a right to change their mind and return delivered (received) goods within the Withdrawal period. However, there is also an exception established by those legal acts, according to which, the right to return goods is not applicable for Contracts regarding the supply of Digital content in case the provision of such Digital content has already commenced. Therefore, in case the Digital content is already provided to the Client as indicated in Section 4.2. and 4.3., the Client loses his/her right of withdrawal of the Agreement.

6.1.1. According to the guarantee provided on the Company's website, the Customer is entitled to a refund of the Participation fee if the Customer can prove the faultiness with the Digital Content and within 24 hours upon conclusion of the Distance contract submitted full refund request to our customer support at online SUPPORT HELP DESK.

6.2. Refund for the Services. All prices and fees for Digital content and Services are not refundable unless otherwise expressly noted in this section below:

6.2.1. After the Digital content has already been provided to the Client as indicated in Section 4.2, the Client is entitled to get a refund for it from the Company only if the Client proves the Digital content to be not as described or faulty. In such cases, Client must contact our customer support at online SUPPORT HELP DESK within the Withdrawal period and provide detailed information proving Company’s product fault (with visual proof attached). The Company reserves the right to charge a fee to cover the cost of any administrative or other services Client may have used prior to refund/cancellation.

6.2.2. Once a refund is issued, the Client no longer has access to the Company’s Services. All refunds are applied to the original method of payment. By purchasing the Services, Client agrees to this refund policy and relinquishes any rights to subject it to any questions, judgment or legal actions. 

6.3. If Client has purchased the Services or the Goods through the Apple App Store or Google Play for any questions and/or request regarding the refunds and the payment, Client should contact the Apple App Store or Google Play Store users support. 



17.1. Any complaints in relation to the Company and the Services provided to the Client should be addressed by contacting our customer support at online SUPPORT HELP DESK.